In New York City July 31-Aug 3rd

Hello everyone! Wow. So much to say about New York City. I am in love with this place. It’s overwhelming. We have one more night here and we have had 2 very long days of walking and exploring the streets of Harlem, Manhattan, Soho and more! First off – we arrived on Friday much earlier than expected giving us more time to venture off in the city. We decided to go to Central Park – and we basically walked the entire place. We were going to rent bikes but by the time we found them, we were already half way through the park. We kicked back and relaxed that evening after our long drive. Saturday was a very busy day. We took the subway down to 42nd street (Times Square) and visited that area first. We were very “touristy” and went to all the major points – Times Square, 5th Ave, Empire State Building, Madison Square Garden, Grand Central & more! I took a lot – and I mean a lot of pictures to remember this trip! Also we went to the Top of the Rock observation deck to view the city of Manhattan – at night – and it was beautiful. I wanted to go around 6pm when it was daylight but Dale insisted we go at night. At the top I was taking pictures when at first, my jokester boyfriend, pretended to get down on one knee, proceeding to “tie his shoe” and he’s done this before to joke around with me because that’s who he is so I told him to go away (nice, right) but then he pulls out a ring and I am shocked! My heart sped up 20 more beats per minute and I was even more overwhelmed. My then boyfriend is now my FiancĂ©e and I can’t wait to marry the love of my life. My brother Braden video taped it happening and it’s pretty hilarious to rewatch the event. That was the highlight of my Saturday in New York City. Today (Sunday Aug 2) we went to Soho in New York. Dale wanted to see the all men’s Lululemon and we travelled by foot to a guitar centre on 14th street from Soho, for Braden. We stopped at a pizza shop to have NYC pizza on the way. We visited the high line, then walked down to the 9/11 memorial. We walked down to the Staten Island ferry and saw the Statue of Liberty as well. We got around by subway all weekend and it was surprisingly easy. Dale and Braden went to check out Rucker Park in Harlem – where we are staying in an Air B&B apartment. It is beautiful. Tomorrow is the drive back to Canada, 6 1/2 hours, so I am relaxing this evening! Overall this trip has been a success!! -B 



NYC 2015

The time has come! I am down to the end of my list packing for our road trip down to NYC! 6 1/2 hour drive from Kingston ON should be interesting. I am beyond excited to visit the big city. I have packed my essentials – most importantly my cameras! I am excited to capture this adventure in images and videos. Less than 24 hours until we will be there, soaking up the sun and surrounded by lots of interesting people! -B

Practicing with the GoPro

Hey everyone! So I have borrowed my Dads go pro – to practice taking pictures with it before mine, Dales and Braden’s trip to New York City in 6 DAYS! We are super excited. I took a few cool pictures today with the Go Pro, but it’s all about finding the right angle. My friend Sam and I went to CoffeeCo downtown Kingston and took some pictures while enjoying our lattes and cappuccinos! They were delicious – with some added sugar and cinnamon. I’ll post a few of the photos I took today with the Go Pro! More to come, I’m still experimenting. Also I’ll show the wicked cups of coffee we had, with cute designs in them! If your looking for a good latte, try CoffeeCo! -B 


My Next Adventure

Well, the rain has finally decided to show itself tonight. It held off until the evening and left us with a perfect summer day – which was great because it was my day off! I am currently a  consolidating nursing student, with 3 shifts left. In September I write my registration exam to become a Registered Practical Nurse! Until then, my goal is to gain a temporary license to practice as an RPN – until I write my exam. If I am unsuccessful with finding a job before then, I just get more time to enjoy the last month of summer! My next upcoming adventure is a road trip to New York City at the end of July! My brother, my boyfriend and I will be hopping into the car around 0430-0500 to embark on this long car ride to the big city! I am super excited. I can’t wait to capture these moments on camera as well. I love to take pictures, so I am sure there will be many (hundreds!) I hope the weather holds off while we are there. I am searching for fun things to do while we are there, so we aren’t the “typical tourist” crowding around the major sights (which we will be doing, but are there any hidden gems?) let me know! More to come on my new page, I’m new to this, so suggestions are great! The image I featured with this post is during my flight home from my New Zealand trip. I was on my second flight from Vancouver back to Toronto over the Rockies, it was beautiful. It was suiting for an adventure post. Lightening is flashing and the thunder is roaring right now, it’s amazing. Bye for now!  – B